Uruguay meats

Uruguay Meats is the voluntary non-profit trade association representing Uruguay’s red meat processors, cold stores, marketers and exporters  

Uruguay Produces the highest quality of Meat in latin America

The Meat industry in Uruguay is one of it’s largest goods exporter, generating billion in export revenue. Uruguay produces food for 35 million people, which is 10 times its population, and aims to produce 1 million tons of quality meat by 2030.
Uruguay meets diverse customer preferences by offering meat from animals raised in different systems. Some customers prefer meat from grass-fed animals raised in pastoral systems, while others prefer meat from grain-fed cattle. Uruguay can supply both types of meat, which is important because it allows companies to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

Meat exporter companies


Frigorífico Carrasco S.A.

No. 3

Frigorífico Carrasco S.A.

Breeders & Packers Uruguay S.A

No. 310

Breeders & Packers Uruguay S.A

Frigorifico PUL S.A

No. 7

Frigorifico PUL S.A

Lorsinal S.A

No. 224

Lorsinal S.A


No. 1014 & 1113

Quickfood S.A

Frimsa S.A

No. 3270

Frimsa S.A

Minerva Foods

No. 13

Minerva Foods

Marfrig Global Foods S.A

No. 1014

Marfrig Global Foods S.A

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Our affiliate members add to the depth of expertise available from the membership, with representation throughout the meat supply chain, including road transporters, shipping lines, ports, packaging firms, specialist product exporters, energy and insurance providers. 



Uruguay meats


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Uruguay’s 5 plants & 1 cold storage: – gained approval to export bovine stomachs to #China


GACC Newly Added – Newly added 1 #Argentina & 2 Nicaraguan meat plant to export #Beef to #China. 


China approves Uruguay meat imports expansion as trade deepens – products approved are Beef Livers, Kidneys and Tripe. 


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Uruguay is a leader in Latin America and the world in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rankings. Uruguay is also a World Leader in Meat Production.

Historical significance of Uruguay Meats

Meats such as Beef & Lamb hold a unique place in Uruguay's history & national identity. It is the foundation upon which our country was built. Even today, it remains an integral part of our culture and identity.


Types of Meats exported by;

Uruguay meats


Uruguay supplies beef and lamb, Brazil supplies chicken, and Argentina supplies pork


Prime Grade, Grass-fed & Grain-fed Angus, Hereford, Braford and Wagyu Beef


Prime Grade Criollo, Pampinta, Corriedale, and Lincoln Longwool Lambs.


Pelón Mexicano, Cuino, Casco de Mula, Pampa Rojas, and Pampero Pigs.


Grade A Cuello Desnudo, Cuello Pelón, Gallina Mapuche, and Monteño Chickens.


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Meat IS Uruguay’s


Leader in ESG Ranking

Uruguay is 1st in ESG ranking Latin America. We also excels in clean energy, education, low inequality, and high quality of life.

Sustainable Ranching

Uruguay prioritizes environmentally friendly cattle raising practices, ranking high in sustainable ranching methods.

Marbling Champion:

Certain Uruguayan beef breeds are known for exceptional marbling, leading to incredibly flavorful cuts

Grass-fed Beef

Uruguay's vast grasslands and focus on natural grazing contribute to some of the world's best grass-fed beef.

Global Certifications:

Uruguayan meat producers hold top certifications for quality and safety, ensuring a premium product


Best quality worldwide

Uruguay meats: is rated best quality worldwide

Meat from Uruguay – Deliciousness from the pasture

Blessed with a unique ecosystem and guided by centuries-old farming practices, Uruguay proudly produces beef and lamb meat that sets the gold standard for livestock products worldwide. At Uruguay Meats, we are determined to raise this hallmark of quality further by representing the country’s major wholesale meat companies and exporters and building a supply chain that benefits producers and consumers.


Our network encompasses meat processors that stand behind 39 production facilities in Uruguay and lead the charge in practices that have made our country globally known for its meat. We aim to spread the appeal of our beef and lamb products while fortifying the dedication to superior eating experiences among local bulk meat suppliers.

Forging the unrivaled supply chain

Uruguay Meats puts a premium on facilitating export processes through an unassailable supply chain. No Latin American country has a higher ESG rating than Uruguay, but an ongoing effort is necessary to maintain it. We spare no effort to eradicate supply risks and sustainability malpractice to ensure you can get fresh meat wholesale that fulfills your quality requirements.

Strategic partnerships are in place with exporters beyond Uruguay. We are delighted to team up with Argentinian and Brazilian companies to expand our supply chain and underpin its robustness. By leveraging the expertise and resources of our partnerships, we can deliver Latin America’s finest meat to the global market.

Buy meats in bulk that appeal to all consumers

The first-rate culinary experience is a matter of organic feeding, sustainable ranching, and responsible fresh meat preparation. This philosophy is enforced through everything we do at Uruguay Meats.

Here’s what distinguishes us from lesser-known producers or companies you may turn to to buy meats online:

Grass-fed and grain-fed cattle

Our cows enjoy a diet rich in natural grasses or feed supplemented with high-quality grains. You can order meat depending on the nutrition profiles and flavors you seek.

Various breeds

Uruguayan cattle are renowned for their superior genetics, ensuring consistently exceptional meat quality across Angus, Braford, Wagyu, and Hereford breeds.

Animal welfare practices

From regenerative grazing techniques to humane handling, we prioritize the well-being of our livestock and the sustainability of our land. Strict controls are implemented at the pasture and processing levels.

Halal meats

Committed to inclusivity, we offer Halal-certified meat products. Uruguayan beef is known for meeting all dietary preferences, even if they are intertwined with religious compliance.


If you are looking for premium beef or lamb products, you can opt for exquisite marbling. Many of our exporters specialize in this technique to heighten consumption standards with extra succulence.

Local flavors

Uruguay’s flavors can be savored through its red meat. We encourage consumers to experience the local terroir through our beef and lamb products and elevate their eating habits.

You are welcome to become a member of our network or indulge in our products with a bulk meat purchase. Take advantage of global representation and facilitation for export processes or order cuts that define Uruguay’s best meat.